Smart Telecom offers a monthly carrier cost management service bureau of many products and services to help you improve your bottom line:

:: SMARTdataNow - An easy, secure and convenient way for you to understand your carrier costs on the web

:: Carrier Invoice Auditing - A customized dispute process to identify all your overcharges

:: SMARTdispute Management - A proven methodology that helps maximize your credits from the carriers

:: Margin Leakage Reporting - A customized and proven revenue assurance process that helps identify margin leakage

:: Margin Leakage Solutions - A road map on how to fix Margin Leakage

:: Lowest Cost Delivery Method - Our provisioning model seeks the lowest cost provisioning method across all ILECs

:: Wholesale Cost Analysis - Helps you understand your costs per line and identify trends

In addition, to our traditional cost management service bureau product and services, Smart Telecom also works with you to:

:: Look for new ways to reduce your wholesale costs
:: Identify new revenue opportunities
:: Provide you with new tools to help you manage your back office
:: Create new ideas to improve sales

Let us show you how we can help you.

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