Smart Telecom Concepts, the leader in providing cost management solutions for CLECs, can help you be one step ahead in managing your business.

With our extensive industry knowledge and experience, Smart Telecom can help you improve your bottom line. We understand your challenges - the ever changing regulatory environment, back office issues, increasing wholesale costs - which is why we go beyond traditional ILEC invoice audits and Revenue Assurance. Now more than ever, you need to “think outside the box” and Smart Telecom is your best Partner to do just that - by providing new ideas, new tools and new solutions.

always looking out for you

In addition to our traditional monthly services of ILEC invoice audits and Revenue Assurance, Smart Telecom is always looking out for you by:

:: Monitoring your wholesale costs so you know exactly what you are paying
:: Looking for new ways to reduce your wholesale costs
:: Identifying new revenue opportunities
:: Providing you with new tools to help you manage your back office
:: Creating new ideas to improve sales

You are not just working with an auditing company, you are truly working with a business partner so that you can be one step ahead - now and in the future..